Planéta 50cm


Neóny sú vyrobené z odolného neónového LED pásu ktorý je pripevnený na priehľadnej akrylovej doske. Neóny sú vyrábané ručne. 

Neóny sú navrhnuté tak, aby vydržali najmenej 10 rokov. Nápisy a symboly vyzerajú úžasne v každej miestnosti. 

Vytvorte si náladu v každej miestnosti pomocou našich neónových nápisov. Nezabudnuteľná atmosféra, o ktorej ste vždy snívali!



Material and design

The process of producing a custom design or logo in neon advertising involves using only the highest quality materials. Every detail is meticulously crafted with an emphasis on precise handwork. We guarantee a high standard of production while striving to maintain the authenticity and uniqueness of each design.

Power supply and off-take

The neon sign light delivers simple power through a transformer that is included in the package. This efficient system minimizes electrical consumption, thanks to the use of an LED light source in the production of the neon effect. This ensures not only dazzling light and vibrant colours, but also an energy-efficient operating mode with up to 50,000 hours of illumination.


Positioning and installation

Neon signs are characterized by easy installation, which is possible on any material and surface. The neon sign has holes already prepared for drilling or hanging, which makes the installation process easier. Each customer receives a complete set of screws and stainless steel screw covers, adding an elegant touch to the final effect. Installation is convenient and intuitive, suitable for everyone. It is also possible to place the neon sign outdoors, extending its use to multiple venues and events.

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