Custom Neon Signs
& Logos for

Neon luminosity
50000 hours

Minimum energy

Easy mounting
on all surfaces

Neon sign

We create unique custom-designed neon signs and logos, tailored precisely to your vision. Our custom neon signs are perfect for businesses in Dubai, offering a distinctive touch.

Our creative designers are ready to assist you in crafting a unique neon sign design. We’re here for you not only during the manufacturing process but also with professional installation to truly bring your neon sign to life.

Discover the possibilities that custom neon design can offer and transform your vision into reality with us!

3D Led Sign

We specialize in creating unique custom-designed 3D LED signs and logos, tailored exactly to your vision. Our custom 3D LED signs are ideal for businesses in Dubai, providing a modern and eye-catching look.

Our talented designers are ready to help you develop a bespoke 3D LED sign design. We support you throughout the entire process, from creation to professional installation, ensuring your 3D LED sign truly enhances your space.

Explore the endless possibilities of custom 3D LED design and bring your vision to life with us!

3D Acrylic Sign

3D Acrylic Signs are a traditional and proven form of promotion that ensure long-term and effective visibility of your brand in Dubai.

Non-illuminated advertising is an excellent choice for those who prefer traditional and discreet solutions with longevity and minimal maintenance. Our custom 3D acrylic signs in Dubai are designed to meet the highest standards, providing a sophisticated and professional look for your business.

Experience the reliability and elegance of custom 3D acrylic sign design in Dubai and enhance your brand’s presence with our expertly crafted solutions.


Yes, we can create a custom neon sign exactly according to your logo. Just provide us with the logo graphic and we will convert it into an attractive neon sign perfect for your business in Dubai. Feel free to contact us at:

The production time for a custom neon sign depends on its complexity. However, our normal production timescale is approximately 2 weeks from the approval of the final design. We ensure high-quality production for your neon signs in Dubai to meet your business needs.

Yes, our custom neon signs are not only suitable for indoor use but also perfect for outdoor placement in Dubai. They are weatherproof and can beautifully decorate your facade or outdoor areas, ensuring long-lasting visibility and impact.

Our advanced technology uses LED light sources that have minimal energy consumption. This means that our custom neon signs in Dubai are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, making them a sustainable choice for your advertising needs.

Yes, we also provide installation services for our custom neon signs in Dubai. Our experts are skilled in installation and will ensure that your neon sign is correctly and safely placed, enhancing your business’s visibility.

If you have any further questions or need additional information about our custom neon signs and installation services in Dubai, please do not hesitate to ask us. We are here to help you with your neon signage needs.

We will be happy to help you with your request